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Amtrak Facts
                                    Amtrak Myths
                                    Polls show Americans want trains !
                                    Amtrak funding history and FY 2008 requests
                                    Annual Amtrak Ridership Sets All-Time Record; Fifth Straight Year of Increases
                                    US Government Accountability Office (GAO) INTERCITY PASSENGER RAIL - National Policy and
                                                Strategies Needed to Maximize Public Benefits from Federal Expenditures (large)
                                    American Public Transportation Association Public Transportation Facts
                                    Smart Growth America Survey shows Americans prefer to spend more on mass transit
                                                and highway maintenance, less on new roads
Passenger Rail Working Group (PRWG) of the National Surface Transportation
                                                Policy and Revenue Study Commission
Vision for the Future: U.S. Intercity Passenger Rail Network Through 2050   

                                    Here's the Amtrak website
                                    This site will show the status of Amtrak trains currently operating in the Eastern US 

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